Helpline : +91 495 2365917


Hospital has a well equipped Surgery department with two consultants  and  one Junior Consultant  

Department functions as  Three Units and conducts out patient clinics  all days except Sundays in OP room No 66. Average out patients per day is about 225. About 20 to 25 Minor surgical procedures are done everyday from a Minor operation theatre attached to Out patient department.Apart from this we have a minor and 2 Major operating Rooms attached to our main operation theatre.Each unit has a major and a Minor surgery day per week,where they do about 6 to 7 major surgeries and about 10 to 20 Minor surgeries on their operating days.


Unit 1 Monday and Thursday

Unit 2 Tuesday and Friday

Unit 3 Wednesday and Saturday


             Dr. Vinod Kumar.V                   MBBS MS Consultant and HOD

             Dr. Sanjith M                           MBBS MS  Consultant

             Dr. Aneesha Ahammad             MBBS MS   Junior Consultant

             Dr. Sai Nath B                         MBBS, MS

             Dr. Raijish Lal                          MBBS, MS

             Dr. Sheeba M M                       MBBS    Assistant Surgeon