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District Early intervention centre

RASHTRIYA BAL SWASTHYA KARYAKRAM Child Health Screening and Early Intervention Services under NHM Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India 

The broad goals and services for DEIC include:
a. Screening of children from birth-18 years for 4D's Diseases, Deficiencies, Disability and Developmental delays
b. Early Identification of selected Health conditions
c. Holistic Assessment
d. Investigations
e. Diagnosis
f. Intervention
g. Referral
h. Prevention
i. Psycho-social Interventions

DEIC should be aiming at early detection and early intervention so as to minimize disabilities among growing children. WHO has stated that defect or developmental delay leads to functional disability and these functional disability in turn lead to handicap if not addressed adequately. DEIC should aim at detection of defect and minimize disability through intervention.
Medical services and professionals rendering such services are the best entry point for such
activity because of general acceptance across section of society for such conditions. Social,
educational, vocational and economic rehabilitation services should then work in tandem for
maximizing the effect.

b. Supplementary services:
Disability certificates : with other members of the disability board (DEIC Manager)Liaison with other departments under various ministries: (DEIC Manager)
e.g. A) Disability division of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJE):
a) Assistive technology devices and services - equipment and services that are used to improve or maintain the abilities of a child to participate in such activities as Hearing,Seeing (Vision), Moving, Communication and learning to compensate with a specific biological limitation.
b) Special Education services for: School age groups from six to sixteen, Pre- Vocational training for age 16-18 years and Vocational training for the age of 18
c) Aids and appliances: Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase / Fitting of Aids and Appliances under the “Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase/Fitting of Aids/Appliances (ADIP)” Scheme, with the objective of assisting needy persons with disabilities in procuring durable, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured standard aids and appliances that can promote their physical, social and psychological rehabilitation.
d) Rehabilitation of the differently abled child above 6 years of age at the Rehabilitation centers in that state e.g. District Disability Rehabilitation Centers (DDRCs) for the districts where they are functional or Composite Regional Centers(CRCs) or National Institutes/Regional Centers etc.
e) Family support services esp. for children having Autism, Cerebral palsy, Mental retardation, multiple disabilities. These Services would be to support those children who would require long term support and would focus on supporting the child in their natural environments and in their everyday experiences and activities. All services would be provided using a family-centered approach, recognizing the importance of working in partnership with the family. However whenever a detailed domain specific management would be required they would be referred to the DEIC.